USB ghost switching

Dr ZZs once made a video about ghost switching. When long leads pickup signals and the esp8266 (sonoff) interprets them as inputs. Not quite the case. Although the cases for the multi sensors are a little ghostly. (Car air fresheners containers from Daiso) My light was going on and off randomly in a room that was not occupied. His happened in consistently at night which … Continue reading USB ghost switching

Bruh mutlisensor AliExpress for under 10$

It’s been a while since I did any electronics. I no longer have a soldering iron or any accessories. Having watched Bruh Automation I got a Rasperry Pi3 B on amazon Japan. It was a little overpriced at 5980JPY a story for another time. In the “$15 DIY Multisensor – Temperature, Humidity, Light, Motion, and RGB LED” video Ben links parts to AliExpress. Having only heard faint … Continue reading Bruh mutlisensor AliExpress for under 10$