Hmm aliexpress

You’re always bordering on the edge of dissatisfaction. The shop I bought my LED strip and accessories from on 11.13 (11.11 sale) At first I got a false tracking number with local post, probably to extend the time they get to send out the products. Nothing happens for a week Then a new package appears with an EMS tracking code that is invalid. The postal … Continue reading Hmm aliexpress

A PC’s life, upgrades and RE-PURPOSING. Part 2 of 2

The monitor re-purposing (the original computer, part 1 here) It wasn’t the best deal but it was simple and took a week shipping which is fast from aliexpress, after much trial and error I’ve come to realize that aliexpress is not about the price but service. The seller was super responsive and helpful to boot. I asked for a type A or B plug and … Continue reading A PC’s life, upgrades and RE-PURPOSING. Part 2 of 2

Some (re)assembly required. AliExpress damaged packaging & “broken” contents.

AliExpress… Great asset, good selection, good prices. What’s the downside? Unless you’re into fixing new products sometimes the downside is that your product arrives with damage. More often than not the product itself will be damage free but the packaging will have gone through a heavy beating. Many people would say this is the mail service’s fault and I would agree in part. However which … Continue reading Some (re)assembly required. AliExpress damaged packaging & “broken” contents.

Cancelling the cancellation.

A short blurb. Interestingly when I ordered the same parts from multiple vendors, to see which shipped out first, and decided to cancel the remaining order. Obviously I had to chose a reason. I chose vendor didn’t ship out quickly as this was my test. About an hour later the vendor reverses my cancelation and sends me a message explaining that reason was not valid, … Continue reading Cancelling the cancellation.

Bruh mutlisensor AliExpress for under 10$

It’s been a while since I did any electronics. I no longer have a soldering iron or any accessories. Having watched Bruh Automation I got a Rasperry Pi3 B on amazon Japan. It was a little overpriced at 5980JPY a story for another time. In the “$15 DIY Multisensor – Temperature, Humidity, Light, Motion, and RGB LED” video Ben links parts to AliExpress. Having only heard faint … Continue reading Bruh mutlisensor AliExpress for under 10$