Solved (for me) Hassio not showing update notification. [pfSENSE]

The title was going to be another rant against but in the end it seems it my fault. (Again) TL;DR Firewall settings for AD, malware, malicious urls disabled update worked fine. Maybe a host system reboot would be in order as well. 2019.10.15 Happened again. For some reason this time I was notified but the install would fail. Until I temporarily disabled blockerNG. Although … Continue reading Solved (for me) Hassio not showing update notification. [pfSENSE]

pfSense not sensing

A few days ago the wifi network at home stopped allowing internet access, wired network also stopped. Internal pings were working, all devices were seemingly online, scanning with FING (I was still connected at the time) revealed nothing out of the ordinary. But no internet access. A quick login to the pfSense web gui revealed nothing unusual, another quick check to the pfsense console, all seems … Continue reading pfSense not sensing