NRF24L01+ Tiniest delivery yet (part 1)

NRF24L01+ Tiniest delivery yet (part 1)

It’s the tiniest and oddly enough I think it took the longest to arrive. Ooh another antennae. hmm this digital crop isn’t the best Nothing to see here. Only flux residue I think. This is my little translator from WIFI mqtt to whatever proprietary format the milight uses. The purchase was an idea I picked up on his page. I bought a milight a … Continue reading NRF24L01+ Tiniest delivery yet (part 1)

Always connecting never doing – ESP 2.4.0

New NodeMCU… Flashed Tasmota with the ARDUINO IDE software (to customize the firmware) The NodeMCU would constantly do the following… I tried re-flashing Using another NODEMCU after discovering a dead one Restoring from another Tasmota NodeMCU Etc Nothing worked. Only until I stumbled on this page did I see the solution 13:28:06 MQT: tele/sonoff/LWT = Online (retained)
13:28:06 MQT: cmnd/sonoff/POWER = 
13:29:00 DNS: Initialized
13:29:00 MQT: Attempting … Continue reading Always connecting never doing – ESP 2.4.0

RCWL-0516: More outdoor issues with the PIR AM312

Sunshine… I thought that this movement false positive was only a cheap ip camera thing. Alas no… Come to think of it two sensors are starting to act up. Upstairs bedroom and outside. The bedroom sensor used to give me false positives due to a bad power supply. The outdoor one now seems to alert a lot as the shadow of the house grows and … Continue reading RCWL-0516: More outdoor issues with the PIR AM312

Failed OTA sonoff basic via TASMOadmin

Last night for some reason probably half asleep I thought it would be a good idea to try TASMOadmin (SONweb) from my smartphone to update a sonoff basic. Using the link I made in hassio I loaded up TASMOadmin and proceeded to select a non-critical sonoff that should things fail it wouldn’t matter too much. I had already tried this from the TASMOadmin page directly … Continue reading Failed OTA sonoff basic via TASMOadmin

BRUH multi-sensors resetting?

Once in a while the BRUH multisensors either reboot or drop off wifi, this was apparent with the graphs from HA but even more so with grafana. Grafana after a week. The drops are quite noticeable. This could perhaps be made to look better by increasing polling time or data intervals Sometimes in sync (wifi router?) other times randomly and individually I thought to myself. … Continue reading BRUH multi-sensors resetting?

Sonoff B1 with Tasmota for the bathroom. *(for a short time.)

TLDR: No. the Sonoff B1 is just too dark to be useful. I bought a Sonoff B1 on AliExpress, which was delivered in a week, (link here) thinking it would be a great way to introduce automation in the bath room. (It’s a room for only a bath). I currently have a regular STYLED led light. Ideally I would have stuff the sonoff in the … Continue reading Sonoff B1 with Tasmota for the bathroom. *(for a short time.)

Sonoffs flashed

Received sonoffs a week ago. Been having an inordinate amount of trouble getting the portable arduino ide software working. It would give me various errors with no solution. Installing the full version for some reason made the problems go away. The unstable jumperwire connection I had made to the sonoff didn’t much help. A little electrical tape to wrap the pins helped. Having the whole … Continue reading Sonoffs flashed