Cancelling the cancellation.

A short blurb. Interestingly when I ordered the same parts from multiple vendors, to see which shipped out first, and decided to cancel the remaining order. Obviously I had to chose a reason. I chose vendor didn’t ship out quickly as this was my test. About an hour later the vendor reverses my cancelation and sends me a message explaining that reason was not valid, … Continue reading Cancelling the cancellation.

ASROCK Z97E-ITX/ac BIOS freeze on boot

Sometimes my asrock ze97xac doesn’t want to boot up and stays stuck at the asrock flash screen. Another button press or reset press doesn’t change the outcome. The following links explains to unplug all extras and try again. This never worked for me. As my system is plugged into a power strip with indivise socket control I simply turn off the computer via … Continue reading ASROCK Z97E-ITX/ac BIOS freeze on boot

Pfsense not… this is getting old (update 40days later)

Away from home pfsense held up today.   (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) For about 12 hours. Got home and pfsense dropped the LAN card. A quick reboot and it’s back. But just as quickly it dropped the LAN card again. Back to square one again. This is really getting old. Scour the internet again… up until now I thought it might be related to … Continue reading Pfsense not… this is getting old (update 40days later)

Pfsense not sensing pt3 “the backuping”

(Part 1, Part 2) Having saved a backup of my working pfsense setup in part 1. I went into this with a little more confidence that I could restore the setups to pre-disappearing LAN/WAN tricks. Arriving home, I attack the issue. So, no lan, no wifi (iphone refuses to connect) open pfsense console. WAN is on PPPOE, and online. I’m getting dynamic DNS change confirmation … Continue reading Pfsense not sensing pt3 “the backuping”

Pfsense not sensing pt2, “the dissapearing”

And the joy continues…  (part 1) Away from home I realize that I can’t access Hassio. Is it crashed again? It’s happened unusually a lot lately. Can’t access it via vpn and hassio app. Cannot access http either. Hmm. I have a suspicion that this isn’t an isolated issue. IPMI app for my server is not connecting either. Clearly this is network wide. But my … Continue reading Pfsense not sensing pt2, “the dissapearing”

pfSense not sensing

A few days ago the wifi network at home stopped allowing internet access, wired network also stopped. Internal pings were working, all devices were seemingly online, scanning with FING (I was still connected at the time) revealed nothing out of the ordinary. But no internet access. A quick login to the pfSense web gui revealed nothing unusual, another quick check to the pfsense console, all seems … Continue reading pfSense not sensing

“Gettin’ Digoo with it” pt3 [the reboxing]

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 PROBLEM 2: Onvif support. I dug around on the digoo forums. It turns out other are also unhappy with this camera. From what I can tell onvif is only partially supported or in a non standard way. Which defeats the purpose of the ONVIF standard, or I could be mistaken. I did get the video to work   … Continue reading “Gettin’ Digoo with it” pt3 [the reboxing]

My first hiccup with AliExpress

For the Bruh multisensor, I decided it might be prudent of me to also order some cheap USB power adapters after all if all the parts were in working order I’d have 10 multi-sensors sensors. Now I know not to expect much especially when I found a dual 2.1/1 amp charger for 103JPY. I figured I’d give them a try, as with shipping they would … Continue reading My first hiccup with AliExpress

“Gettin’ Digoo with it” pt1

Recently had a sale on a Digoo BB-M1X  from 4999 to 3999. It ticked all the boxes at a price point that seemed good if said boxes were ticked and included Prime delivery I’m not quite sure what they are going for with the slogan there #lostintranslation MOTION DETECTION: As this is my 5th IP camera I am quite aware that any motion detection will most … Continue reading “Gettin’ Digoo with it” pt1