Refrigerator troubles in Japan. (SANYO Aqua AQR-261b)

  Break down: New Years Holiday my SANYO Aqua AQR-261b decided to stop cooling. What better timing… On the bright side, the leaning house seems to seek and find equilibrium with outside temperature rather quickly. Which means in 0c weather it’s pretty close to 0c indoors (3-4c) and so the food doesn’t go bad right away. As the temp indoors is cold. I only noticed … Continue reading Refrigerator troubles in Japan. (SANYO Aqua AQR-261b)

Spray cleaning brick-wall fence

As mentioned before I bought a pressure washer. But what I didn’t expect is the anti-mould bathroom spray to be so effective on the brick. As this is a rental house I shouldn’t even be doing this but I’d rather clean what I can instead of waiting for the not-so-quick to respond owner to do anything about it. Black with decades of disgusting dirty rain … Continue reading Spray cleaning brick-wall fence

Power washing the leaning house and area

Recently although I’m not sure how I stumbled into it I started want a pressure washer. Previously I had noticed the dark almost black mildew or soot or something of the sort on the brick property divider (brick fence) and concrete flooring outside. With regular garden hose pressure I was able to remove some of the grime. Weeks later I splurged for a basic karcher … Continue reading Power washing the leaning house and area

Making summer coffee ☕️

Was it last year of the year before that cold brew coffee became popular. In Japan it’s called 水出しコーヒー and if you go to any coffee shop it’ll cost at least 400¥. 400¥ for coffee beans you let sit in water overnight. That’s a great deal. Or…… buy this container with a filter. Buy your ground coffee beans, add water and wait. There are many … Continue reading Making summer coffee ☕️

Do waste coffee grounds prevent weeds?

My morning ritual at some time started off by going to a coffee shop or convenience store to get a coffee. Convenience store coffee were introduced in 2010 ish in Japan. The auto-freshly-milled-&-brewed coffee for 100¥ is great. On a side note at said convenience stores. Ordering a small cup and accidentally pushing the big button fills the small cup nicely. Anyways… Waste coffee ground … Continue reading Do waste coffee grounds prevent weeds?