HASS.io History graphs flatlining

As per blog  75.3 to 87.1 I did an update of HASS.io in a manual fashion. There were many factors which pushed me to do so. One of these was the history graphs were flat-lining. This seemingly minor detail bothers me tremendously, given that I no longer use Grafana at the moment (I thought I was pushing the RPi3b too hard so a clean minimalist install … Continue reading HASS.io History graphs flatlining

Dark day

Home assistant is not ready for the general public. Update to 0.74.1.(later on 0.74.2) The GUI (web interface) isn’t loading. Automations seem to be working. Grafana ok Tasmoadmin ok Pretty much all but the GUI and iOS. Selecting full restore (wipe restore) with the snapshot isn’t working. Partial restore works but configuration.yaml isn’t loaded. Reinstalling didn’t work. Reinstalling, adding samba, adding the snapshot didn’t work. … Continue reading Dark day