Wemo lost connection

The home assistant issues are never ending. A trivial matter for once. After getting an Amazon echo and enabling the wemo emulation in the tasmota software in the sonoff basics, errors errors everywhere. I stumbled across this while searching for something else. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.reddit.com/r/homeassistant/comments/8utc9j/psa_wemo_warnings_and_lost_connection_fix/ The next day Screw it. Today I decided to trash the database again (automation?) as the state history graphs are flatlining and … Continue reading Wemo lost connection

When bluetooth goes nuts Home Assistant 0.88+

I was given a google home mini. I didn’t want one as I wanted my iot to be internal only. But it can be useful, an echo dot has also followed in the house. Anyways with the google home I wanted to add it to home assistant. I had already put the tts lines but I wanted to add the newly available component. https://www.home-assistant.io/components/googlehome/ Once … Continue reading When bluetooth goes nuts Home Assistant 0.88+

HASS.io History graphs flatlining

As per blog  75.3 to 87.1 I did an update of HASS.io in a manual fashion. There were many factors which pushed me to do so. One of these was the history graphs were flat-lining. This seemingly minor detail bothers me tremendously, given that I no longer use Grafana at the moment (I thought I was pushing the RPi3b too hard so a clean minimalist install … Continue reading HASS.io History graphs flatlining

Battery backup for Home Assistant? Overkill? I used to think so.

In Japan power outages are rather rare. Sure there might be one with a storm or typhoon but that’s a maybe. Recently on a calm autumn day the power went out without apparent reason. (No act of god) Luckily I had my raspberry Pi and thus HA, on backup power. Some might say this is overkill. I prefer to think of it as insurance. Besides, … Continue reading Battery backup for Home Assistant? Overkill? I used to think so.

Spray cleaning brick-wall fence

As mentioned before I bought a pressure washer. But what I didn’t expect is the anti-mould bathroom spray to be so effective on the brick. As this is a rental house I shouldn’t even be doing this but I’d rather clean what I can instead of waiting for the not-so-quick to respond owner to do anything about it. Black with decades of disgusting dirty rain … Continue reading Spray cleaning brick-wall fence

NRF24L01+ Tiniest delivery yet (part 1)

NRF24L01+ Tiniest delivery yet (part 1)

It’s the tiniest and oddly enough I think it took the longest to arrive. Ooh another antennae. hmm this digital crop isn’t the best Nothing to see here. Only flux residue I think. This is my little translator from WIFI mqtt to whatever proprietary format the milight uses. The purchase was an idea I picked up on his page. https://github.com/sidoh/esp8266_milight_hub I bought a milight a … Continue reading NRF24L01+ Tiniest delivery yet (part 1)

Home power monitoring with PZEM-004 & home assistant for under 30$! Part 2

The physical setup. Once again this is working in proximity to MAINS power. If you’re not comfortable STOP NOW and get professional help. As much as I didn’t want to split this into two pieces it’s becoming far too big for one post. See part 1 The physical setup that I did is as follows SETUP: SHUT OFF THE MAIN BREAKER to the house. Attach … Continue reading Home power monitoring with PZEM-004 & home assistant for under 30$! Part 2