Tasmota 5.12->6.5 OTA (sonoff basic)

I’ve been reluctant to update Tasmota after my previous ordeal (reverting from 6.11 -> 5.12) In retrospect I may have rushed my last OTA update. Or was it the automated sonweb feature which jumped versions. Fearful of having to do this and encounter problems I read the instructions properly and perhaps took extra precautions. https://github.com/arendst/Sonoff-Tasmota/wiki/Upgrade Firstly I needed to download the tasmota 5.14 minimal and … Continue reading Tasmota 5.12->6.5 OTA (sonoff basic)

Tasmota revert to 6.11 -> 5.12 after OTA failure

Update for sonoffs and update path. From 5.12 the migration path seems to indicate 5.14->6.1.1. Tasmoadmin allows a 5.12->6.1.1 jump. All sorts of strange behaviour has ensued. After update the units would sporadically go offline. The AP wasn’t connectable. Button management on the sonoff was ineffective. All sorts of button presses attempted ie 4 quick times for an AP, 40 seconds straight to reset the … Continue reading Tasmota revert to 6.11 -> 5.12 after OTA failure

Failed OTA sonoff basic via TASMOadmin

Last night for some reason probably half asleep I thought it would be a good idea to try TASMOadmin (SONweb) from my smartphone to update a sonoff basic. Using the link I made in hassio I loaded up TASMOadmin and proceeded to select a non-critical sonoff that should things fail it wouldn’t matter too much. I had already tried this from the TASMOadmin page directly … Continue reading Failed OTA sonoff basic via TASMOadmin