RCWL-0516: More outdoor issues with the PIR AM312

Sunshine… I thought that this movement false positive was only a cheap ip camera thing. Alas no… Come to think of it two sensors are starting to act up. Upstairs bedroom and outside. The bedroom sensor used to give me false positives due to a bad power supply. The outdoor one now seems to alert a lot as the shadow of the house grows and … Continue reading RCWL-0516: More outdoor issues with the PIR AM312

Reed sensor not working on d8. Nodemcu woes. (BRUH conversion)

Newest build 2018.08.12 “Light switch with extra switches” Currently there is a wall switch which is unused. One staircase light was removed and the other is always on as it’s a ceiling fan with remote. As it stands now there is a blank faceplate covering the switch. I was thinking to put in some httm capacitive switches. (As in pic) Update: The blank faceplate is … Continue reading Reed sensor not working on d8. Nodemcu woes. (BRUH conversion)

Japanese wiring isn’t automation friendly.

Picture of wires from blog In my old leaning house I have one live wire going to the light switch. nothing else is in the switch box. Now I thought that this would be because of the old leaning house that I’m in. However upon asking around it would seem as thought this is common in new constructions as well. This image goes to doesn’t … Continue reading Japanese wiring isn’t automation friendly.

Redo with wemos D1 mini?

Originally I automated the rental house by attaching the sonoff to the device they would control as opposed to the switch as the wiring was a single switch wire and it’s a rental. That also meant that I covered the switch plates with an extended and a blank faceplate. The switches permanently in the on position underneath. The sonoff needs a ground connection? it’s also … Continue reading Redo with wemos D1 mini?

Sonoff basic GPIO14 cabling

When installing a reed switch or PIR sensor the output of the wires is sometimes cause for concern. In my previous setup the jumper wires came out with power cables. This eventually let to interference of the power with the PIR sensor and caused much ghosting. I had read about people sticking the wires out the top but then realized that they all drilled a … Continue reading Sonoff basic GPIO14 cabling

USB ghost switching

Dr ZZs once made a video about ghost switching. When long leads pickup signals and the esp8266 (sonoff) interprets them as inputs. Not quite the case. Although the cases for the multi sensors are a little ghostly. (Car air fresheners containers from Daiso) My light was going on and off randomly in a room that was not occupied. His happened in consistently at night which … Continue reading USB ghost switching