HASS.io History graphs flatlining

As per blog  75.3 to 87.1 I did an update of HASS.io in a manual fashion. There were many factors which pushed me to do so. One of these was the history graphs were flat-lining. This seemingly minor detail bothers me tremendously, given that I no longer use Grafana at the moment (I thought I was pushing the RPi3b too hard so a clean minimalist install … Continue reading HASS.io History graphs flatlining

Hassio GUI gone again

Hassio 0.73.0 Since the last time this had happened I’ve been very cautious about updates. I updated the configurator the other day. Check config Full snapshot Restart Update Restart This worked. So I tried again with Grafana. On the last reboot, there was no GUI on restart. Sigh… As I copied my SD-card contents to the desktop (Samba was still active) as last time, I … Continue reading Hassio GUI gone again