Hmm aliexpress

You’re always bordering on the edge of dissatisfaction. The shop I bought my LED strip and accessories from on 11.13 (11.11 sale) At first I got a false tracking number with local post, probably to extend the time they get to send out the products. Nothing happens for a week Then a new package appears with an EMS tracking code that is invalid. The postal … Continue reading Hmm aliexpress

Refrigerator troubles in Japan. (SANYO Aqua AQR-261b)

  Break down: New Years Holiday my SANYO Aqua AQR-261b decided to stop cooling. What better timing… On the bright side, the leaning house seems to seek and find equilibrium with outside temperature rather quickly. Which means in 0c weather it’s pretty close to 0c indoors (3-4c) and so the food doesn’t go bad right away. As the temp indoors is cold. I only noticed … Continue reading Refrigerator troubles in Japan. (SANYO Aqua AQR-261b)

Cancelling the cancellation.

A short blurb. Interestingly when I ordered the same parts from multiple vendors, to see which shipped out first, and decided to cancel the remaining order. Obviously I had to chose a reason. I chose vendor didn’t ship out quickly as this was my test. About an hour later the vendor reverses my cancelation and sends me a message explaining that reason was not valid, … Continue reading Cancelling the cancellation.

My first hiccup with AliExpress

For the Bruh multisensor, I decided it might be prudent of me to also order some cheap USB power adapters after all if all the parts were in working order I’d have 10 multi-sensors sensors. Now I know not to expect much especially when I found a dual 2.1/1 amp charger for 103JPY. I figured I’d give them a try, as with shipping they would … Continue reading My first hiccup with AliExpress