Pfsense not… this is getting old (update 40days later)

Away from home pfsense held up today.   (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) For about 12 hours. Got home and pfsense dropped the LAN card. A quick reboot and it’s back. But just as quickly it dropped the LAN card again. Back to square one again. This is really getting old. Scour the internet again… up until now I thought it might be related to … Continue reading Pfsense not… this is getting old (update 40days later)

Pfsense not sensing pt3 “the backuping”

(Part 1, Part 2) Having saved a backup of my working pfsense setup in part 1. I went into this with a little more confidence that I could restore the setups to pre-disappearing LAN/WAN tricks. Arriving home, I attack the issue. So, no lan, no wifi (iphone refuses to connect) open pfsense console. WAN is on PPPOE, and online. I’m getting dynamic DNS change confirmation … Continue reading Pfsense not sensing pt3 “the backuping”

pfSense not sensing

A few days ago the wifi network at home stopped allowing internet access, wired network also stopped. Internal pings were working, all devices were seemingly online, scanning with FING (I was still connected at the time) revealed nothing out of the ordinary. But no internet access. A quick login to the pfSense web gui revealed nothing unusual, another quick check to the pfsense console, all seems … Continue reading pfSense not sensing

“Gettin’ Digoo with it” pt3 [the reboxing]

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 PROBLEM 2: Onvif support. I dug around on the digoo forums. It turns out other are also unhappy with this camera. From what I can tell onvif is only partially supported or in a non standard way. Which defeats the purpose of the ONVIF standard, or I could be mistaken. I did get the video to work   … Continue reading “Gettin’ Digoo with it” pt3 [the reboxing]