Wemo lost connection

The home assistant issues are never ending. A trivial matter for once. After getting an Amazon echo and enabling the wemo emulation in the tasmota software in the sonoff basics, errors errors everywhere. I stumbled across this while searching for something else. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.reddit.com/r/homeassistant/comments/8utc9j/psa_wemo_warnings_and_lost_connection_fix/ The next day Screw it. Today I decided to trash the database again (automation?) as the state history graphs are flatlining and … Continue reading Wemo lost connection

Tasmota revert to 6.11 -> 5.12 after OTA failure

Update for sonoffs and update path. From 5.12 the migration path seems to indicate 5.14->6.1.1. Tasmoadmin allows a 5.12->6.1.1 jump. All sorts of strange behaviour has ensued. After update the units would sporadically go offline. The AP wasn’t connectable. Button management on the sonoff was ineffective. All sorts of button presses attempted ie 4 quick times for an AP, 40 seconds straight to reset the … Continue reading Tasmota revert to 6.11 -> 5.12 after OTA failure

Japanese wiring isn’t automation friendly.

Picture of wires from blog In my old leaning house I have one live wire going to the light switch. nothing else is in the switch box. Now I thought that this would be because of the old leaning house that I’m in. However upon asking around it would seem as thought this is common in new constructions as well. This image goes to doesn’t … Continue reading Japanese wiring isn’t automation friendly.

Failed OTA sonoff basic via TASMOadmin

Last night for some reason probably half asleep I thought it would be a good idea to try TASMOadmin (SONweb) from my smartphone to update a sonoff basic. Using the link I made in hassio I loaded up TASMOadmin and proceeded to select a non-critical sonoff that should things fail it wouldn’t matter too much. I had already tried this from the TASMOadmin page directly … Continue reading Failed OTA sonoff basic via TASMOadmin

Breaking the black button Sonoff basic

When modifying the sonoff I had the misfortune of tuning the unit upside down without its case in order to do some soldering. Twice this caused me to put too much pressure on the gpio0 pin and caused it to break off. Sometime the inner switch contact plate would also come out. Re-placing the inner contact plate and the button with lid back on with … Continue reading Breaking the black button Sonoff basic

Redo with wemos D1 mini?

Originally I automated the rental house by attaching the sonoff to the device they would control as opposed to the switch as the wiring was a single switch wire and it’s a rental. That also meant that I covered the switch plates with an extended and a blank faceplate. The switches permanently in the on position underneath. The sonoff needs a ground connection? it’s also … Continue reading Redo with wemos D1 mini?

Sonoff basic GPIO14 cabling

When installing a reed switch or PIR sensor the output of the wires is sometimes cause for concern. In my previous setup the jumper wires came out with power cables. This eventually let to interference of the power with the PIR sensor and caused much ghosting. I had read about people sticking the wires out the top but then realized that they all drilled a … Continue reading Sonoff basic GPIO14 cabling

Sonoff *in fluorescent light housing.

Although it’s a different light. There has been an update to the way I have integrated the sonoff basic. It no longer hangs off the edge but is rather unnoticed and sitting inside despite the 40c operating limit. See post here   Living in Japan fluorescent lighting in house is everywhere. Although I’ve gotten used to it now it was strange at first. Virtually all … Continue reading Sonoff *in fluorescent light housing.

Sonoffs flashed

Received sonoffs a week ago. Been having an inordinate amount of trouble getting the portable arduino ide software working. It would give me various errors with no solution. Installing the full version for some reason made the problems go away. The unstable jumperwire connection I had made to the sonoff didn’t much help. A little electrical tape to wrap the pins helped. Having the whole … Continue reading Sonoffs flashed