LWT ghosting the quick and dirty fix.

TL;DR Change the mqtt topic. —– BACKGROUND: A project I have yet properly posted was a tasmota NODEMCU with a relay and a bunch of sensors. (Bruh plus sonoff and a bit) I suspect after using too much power and having the breakers trigger, something went weird. The relay would simply from then on turn itself off. Searching online. There’s the physical dr zz https://youtu.be/31IyfM1gygoContinue reading LWT ghosting the quick and dirty fix.

Wemo lost connection

The home assistant issues are never ending. A trivial matter for once. After getting an Amazon echo and enabling the wemo emulation in the tasmota software in the sonoff basics, errors errors everywhere. I stumbled across this while searching for something else. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.reddit.com/r/homeassistant/comments/8utc9j/psa_wemo_warnings_and_lost_connection_fix/ The next day Screw it. Today I decided to trash the database again (automation?) as the state history graphs are flatlining and … Continue reading Wemo lost connection

Tasmota 5.12->6.5 OTA (sonoff basic)

I’ve been reluctant to update Tasmota after my previous ordeal (reverting from 6.11 -> 5.12) In retrospect I may have rushed my last OTA update. Or was it the automated sonweb feature which jumped versions. Fearful of having to do this and encounter problems I read the instructions properly and perhaps took extra precautions. https://github.com/arendst/Sonoff-Tasmota/wiki/Upgrade Firstly I needed to download the tasmota 5.14 minimal and … Continue reading Tasmota 5.12->6.5 OTA (sonoff basic)

HASS.io is still not for the masses (SD card fail and forced migration 0.75.3 -> 0.87.1)

Running version 0.75.3 for the past 4-6 months because I couldn’t be bothered to update and deal with breaking changes. Versions 0.75.3 to 0.87.1 Everything was running more or less on autopilot. There were some odd things here and there such as my weather entities stopped working and some other minor details. A few days ago I should have done something when I noticed the … Continue reading HASS.io is still not for the masses (SD card fail and forced migration 0.75.3 -> 0.87.1)

NRF24L01+ Tiniest delivery yet (part 1)

NRF24L01+ Tiniest delivery yet (part 1)

It’s the tiniest and oddly enough I think it took the longest to arrive. Ooh another antennae. hmm this digital crop isn’t the best Nothing to see here. Only flux residue I think. This is my little translator from WIFI mqtt to whatever proprietary format the milight uses. The purchase was an idea I picked up on his page. https://github.com/sidoh/esp8266_milight_hub I bought a milight a … Continue reading NRF24L01+ Tiniest delivery yet (part 1)

Always connecting never doing – ESP 2.4.0

New NodeMCU… Flashed Tasmota with the ARDUINO IDE software (to customize the firmware) The NodeMCU would constantly do the following… I tried re-flashing Using another NODEMCU after discovering a dead one Restoring from another Tasmota NodeMCU Etc Nothing worked. Only until I stumbled on this page did I see the solution 13:28:06 MQT: tele/sonoff/LWT = Online (retained)
13:28:06 MQT: cmnd/sonoff/POWER = 
13:29:00 DNS: Initialized
13:29:00 MQT: Attempting … Continue reading Always connecting never doing – ESP 2.4.0

Reed sensor not working on d8. Nodemcu woes. (BRUH conversion)

Newest build 2018.08.12 “Light switch with extra switches” Currently there is a wall switch which is unused. One staircase light was removed and the other is always on as it’s a ceiling fan with remote. As it stands now there is a blank faceplate covering the switch. I was thinking to put in some httm capacitive switches. (As in pic) Update: The blank faceplate is … Continue reading Reed sensor not working on d8. Nodemcu woes. (BRUH conversion)